Vaping tips and suggestions


KangerTech is a manufacturer for electronic vaporizers. It was founded in the year 2007 in China. The company is ISO 1400 certified for the manufacture of its products. KangerTech manufactures a variety of vaping rigs and equipment.

Preferred models

KangerTech offers the best quality vaping equipment and starter kits for vapor lovers. Kanger EVOD is definitely worth your attention, for it is a useful and cost-effective solution. However, according to the reviews, some are more popular than others. Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Kit is one of the most preferred KangerTech products. This includes both the black and white Mini Starter Kits.
Also widely preferred, is the Kanger SUBTANK-MINI and the SUBTANK-NANO Clearomizer. The mini subtank has a capacity of 22 mm while the Nano Subtank has a capacity of 18.5 mm. These hybrid subtanks enhances the freedom and ease of switching from its organic cotton coil and an atomizer head that is rebuildable. The organic cotton coil enables you to have better flavors and vapors.
The Protank is also favored among the vaping community. The protanks are made of glass, therefore, providing a favorable environment for your flavors.
Kanger Aerotank Clearomizer is also one of the most favored products of KangerTech. It contains atomizer heads that are replaceable. It also has an air control feature at is base. It also regulates the use of your eLiquid through its drip tip.

Vaping rigs and equipment

KangerTech manufactures a variety of vaping rigs and equipment. They have a wide variety of starter kits, Clearomizers, batteries and mods.
They also have a variety of coils for your different vaping equipment. Most of them are made of Japanese organic cotton. They also have got AC Power adapters for all their electronic models. KangerTech also manufactures Kanger bases for different tanks. Depending on your preference, you can choose either KangerTech plain bases or bases for air control. Also available are different air control valves for your different tank needs.

Vaping enthusiast site is a great vaping site. It allows users to share their vaping experiences. Also it provides users with important information on vaping issues. From this site, you can get reviews of your trending vaping equipment and rigs and some interesting eLiquid flavors that you should try out.

Basics guide, and tips & tricks.

When choosing batteries for your vaping equipment, ensure that they are correspondent with the charger for that particular equipment.
Having an extra kit helps you a great deal in case you lose one of your kits or the battery dies.
Devices with drip tips are the most recommended. This way you are able to share your vaping experience with friends and family while ensuring your health safety.
Atomizers will lower resistance have more power than those with higher resistance. However, the lower resistance atomizers burn out more quickly hence requiring replacement faster.
Always make sure that your mods have a lock for your firing button.
To ensure a longer life for your batteries, always make sure that they are not overcharged or undercharged.
Finally, store you vaporizers out of children’s reach to protect the children’s safety.